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Dreamworks Animation’s new film Home follows the story of an alien called Oh (Jim Parsons) of the species Boov, and his unlikely friendship with a...


The Gunman

Sean Penn plays Jim Terrier, an ex-killer seeking redemption, in this generic, lifeless action misfire. The Gunman is directed by Pierre Morel, who...


Wild Card

Everyone loves Jason “The Stath” Statham. He’s become known for the no-nonsense-younger-than-Ray-Winstone-yet-more-refined-than-Vinnie-Jones...


Suite Francaise

Whilst many may groan at the release of Suite Francaise as yet another war film to hit the big screen, this should not detract possible viewers from...

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Charlotte Capitanchik, 2014

Joseph Morpurgo: Odessa

Stand-Up, Pleasance Courtyard, Run Ended From barely a minute of early 80’s archive VHS footage, Joseph Morpurgo spins an outlandish tale of...

Television - Ordinary Lies

Ordinary Lies

Ordinary Lies is a new six-part series of interlocking stories set in a suburban car showroom, purporting to make us question how well we really know...

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