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Charlotte Capitanchik, 2014

Joseph Morpurgo: Odessa

Stand-Up, Pleasance Courtyard, Run Ended From barely a minute of early 80’s archive VHS footage, Joseph Morpurgo spins an outlandish tale of...

Image: Bondax Official

Bondax – All I See

Bondax’s latest single ‘All I See’ is definitely true to their genre-transcending style; coyly and successfully getting you up for going out,...


Cult Column

War is an obsession of cinema; the big screen relishes it, and audiences flock back time and again to watch films about conflict.

AntiHero DonDraper

Modern Anti-heroes

What type of main character do we typically see in today’s TV-series? Is it the classical hero, or is it a new type of character?


What’s On: EYES & EARS

Attention witches, skeletons and ghouls, no need to hide in plain sight any longer. After spending a week carving your pumpkin and looking out a...

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