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Sustain, Sustain

Little appears to relate the sculptural materials to one another, but a broader look sees their connection with industrial materiality and natural...

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Charlotte Capitanchik, 2014

Joseph Morpurgo: Odessa

Stand-Up, Pleasance Courtyard, Run Ended From barely a minute of early 80’s archive VHS footage, Joseph Morpurgo spins an outlandish tale of...

Image: Nevit Dilmen

White Rabbit, Red Rabbit

There is no director; there are no rehearsals. The actor’s only instruction is to open the envelope and read the script ‘in a loud voice’. What...


Jamie Cullum – Interlude

Without a doubt, Jamie Cullum belongs to a full swinging jazz band, perhaps best highlighted by the scratchy vocals and interesting arrangements seen...


21st Century Mythologies

The Selfie, The Kardashians and The Apple Icon are some of the random phenomena being investigated in 21st Century Mythologies, presented by the...