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Seismic shifts

Last week, the climate change movement experienced a jolting resurrection. On Tuesday 23 September, heads of state from over 120 countries gathered...

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Charlotte Capitanchik, 2014

Joseph Morpurgo: Odessa

Stand-Up, Pleasance Courtyard, Run Ended From barely a minute of early 80’s archive VHS footage, Joseph Morpurgo spins an outlandish tale of...

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Calamity Jane

Edinburgh Playhouse – Run Ended Set in the ‘Wild West’, this is the story of a woman who is quick with her gun and quicker only –...


Counting Crows

Six years since the release of Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings in 2008, Somewhere Under Wonderland is Counting Crows’ seventh studio album –...

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Wish I Was Here

Zach Braff, formerly known as the dopey lead from American comedy Scrubs, delves into much deeper, more profound territory in this comedy-drama Wish...


Don’t Drop the Baby

This way-too-visual show gets in your face about issues dealing with pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood. Primarily it focuses on the realities of...

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Holes in the heart

NEWS Straight from the lab, PhD student Callam Davidson walks us through the latest pneumonia research:    Scientists in Texas last week published...