Bondax – All I See

Bondax’s latest single ‘All I See’ is definitely true to their genre-transcending style; coyly and successfully getting you up for going out, but with none of the aggression of Nicki Minaj, Pitbull and the like.

Although unlikely to convert anyone who isn’t already a Bondax fan, the song is another solid one for the Pre-Drinks playlist and is a welcome evocation of summer in mid-October. With an energetic build up and an excellent hook, the chorus is strangely the least engaging part. The track won’t win any awards for lyrical imagination either – “throw my hands up to the sky, let the music take me home” is an example of the seriously lazy songwriting – but with Bondax the vocals are the least important aspect of their music. Besides, obvious lyrics make it all the more easy to drunkenly sing along to.

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