Boris: World King

Satire, Pleasance Upstairs, 13:45 until 31st August.

Boris: World King is a satirical autobiography of Boris going through major stages in his life: as Head Boy at Eton, as Union President at Oxford University, as editor of the Spectator and MP for Henley, as Mayor of London, and next as World King winning the Fosters Comedy Award.

The show discussed the ridiculousness that Boris Johnson represents: getting away with whatever he does because no matter what he does is represented as utterly ridiculous in one way or another. Whether stunts of self-embarrassment are deliberate or not, for instance hanging on a zip wire for 30 minutes, the show posited that Boris Johnson is the only man in British politics who could get away with this, and it certainly seems to be true. Mid-show, the show’s Boris commented, “No-one expected the joker to be the king.”

Boris: World King is a two-person show comprising Boris and the multi-character side. There was great use of props in this show, from a “wiff-waff” table tennis table to a Boris Bike, a laptop he just cannot get to grips with to a spinning wheel with famous Boris moments, which was justified as “it takes more than stand-up to win the Fosters Comedy Award”.

Audience interaction was brilliant: Boris brought on numerous volunteers to support scenes, such as playing a match of “wiff-waff” table tennis whilst reminding someone on the phone of his influence and connections. Gyles Brandreth was in the audience, so there was a great opportunity to deliver many of Boris’ jokes to the former Conservative MP, giving a dimension of instant wit to a scripted piece.

Boris: World King was a very amusing and is highly recommended to those who like Boris Johnson, who at the beginning of the show is introduced by a voice over as “a hero, a demi-god, an individual so silly no-one could hate him.”

Image: The Guardian

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