Younger voters are what the country needs

On Friday, MPs will be able to support a Bill to bring the voting age down to sixteen, which has opened a dialogue on whether or not such young people are politically engaged or informed enough to vote. By sixteen, although not a fully fledged...

Self-diagnosis of mental illness is still valid

How many of us would confess to Googling our symptoms at the first sign of feeling out of sorts? Probably most of us, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of; it’s part of human nature to want an explanation for things we don’t understand,...

Mental health services at university must improve

Like many, if not all universities across the UK, Edinburgh is facing a campus crisis. The cry for better mental health services is louder than ever, as the number of students struggling with mental illness continues to rise. While it is certainly a...

Britain needs to acknowledge its violent past

The BBC drama, Gunpowder has been much criticised for its graphic depictions of the Jacobean persecution of Catholics, but it serves an important and necessary reminder of the brutal sectarian violence which went on for so long in the UK. If the BBC...

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