ROYGBIV: Cultural Drought

The days surrounding Blue Monday suck. With January’s resolution mentality, distractions still aren’t really permitted, and the memories of past holidays are definitely confined to sepia-toned nostalgia. We’re all about living in the moment so...

ROYGBIV: Christmas Leftovers

Everyone has them. Don’t try to deny it. They’re cluttering up our bedrooms, making the path to the wardrobe more dangerous, and making it next to impossible to sneak into bed for a late afternoon nap without extensive planning. You realise that...

ROYGBIV: A very cultured Christmas

Is your Christmas tree up? ‘Jingle Bells’ on repeat? Or, like many, are you struggling to get into the Christmassy vibe? If you identify with the latter, it’s time to immerse yourself fully in the festive spirit. Forget the TV repeats and the...

ROYGBIV: The Kardashi-o-meter

We all go to the gym to improve our derrieres, enacting awkward squats and lunges at the peril of those behind us. Basically, all we want for Christmas is Kim Kardashian’s bum! (Not really though, it would totally get in the way). With all the...

ROYGBIV: Bite-sized Literature

Hey there guilt-stricken student! We know self-condemnation grows exponentially every hour spent reading non-course literature. Yet we’re here, like the devil on your shoulder, whispering ‘read it, read it’ way past your bed time. But like mum...

ROYGBIV: The Death of the Annotator

Maybe it’s only because I’m still feeling the effects of Halloween (I feel deathly, and I’ve got a ghostly shimmer to my skin which just won’t rub off despite copious facewipes) that I’m bringing this up, but this week saw the depressing...

ROYGBIV: Halloween Costumes

Pumpkins, cats, bed-sheet ghosts… been there done that. 2014 is your year to impress with your creative costume. Extra points for extra spook. Without further ado. Boo!

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