Why won’t Brits take extreme weather seriously?

Weather is an extremely important topic to the British. According to a research reported by the BBC, 94 per cent of British respondents admitted to having talked about the weather within the last six hours. Whether the sun is shining, or, more...

Why do we enjoy haunted houses and the like?

As All Hallows’ Eve approaches, so does the wave of seasonal terror which excites so many. Through films, video games, and haunted attractions, many scare themselves seemingly for the simple enjoyment of it. Logically anything that frightens us...

The spooky evolution of the Halloween costume

Every Halloween, hordes of people flood the streets in fancy dress to celebrate the festival of All Hallow’s Eve. Or, more likely, as an excuse to dress up in weird and wonderful costumes. Today, anything goes if you add a little fake blood to it...

This Week in History: Sylvia Plath is born

October 27 marks the 85th anniversary of the birth of Sylvia Plath, a poet and novelist whose work retains an iconic status even 54 years after her death. Plath was born in Boston in 1932 to Otto Plath and Aurelia Schober and grew up by the sea....

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