Tips for tackling your December exams

With the December exams now fast approaching, it’s pretty obvious that most of us will be spending a lot more time either in the library, a cosy café or a chilly Edinburgh kitchen over the next few weeks. Although exams can be anything from an...

Giving back this Christmas

How do you envisage yourself spending Christmas Day? Probably the annual sequence of presents, chocolate for breakfast, stuff face with pigs in blankets, socialise with tipsy relatives, consume full box of celebrations, cold turkey sandwiches, final...

The Student visits Considerit Chocolate

Vegans rejoice! A new vegan-friendly chocolate shop has arrived in Edinburgh. Founded in 2012, Considerit Chocolate has a loyal following from farmers’ markets and online retail but their first brick-and-mortar shop and café opened just last week...

The dangers of everyday ableism

Ableism is a form of discrimination against the disabled. It can manifest itself through the language or actions of individuals, be perpetuated by inconsiderate government policies, or be institutionally ingrained in businesses, schools and...

The Student Newspaper 2016

The newspaper is currently exploring transitioning to a new website. In this eventuality, there may be a loss of content. Writers are reminded to keep an archival copy of their own work.
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