Advice on supporting friends with mental ill health

This past month, I failed to recognise my friend’s mental health issues. Even though I knew she was suffering, I did not know how to approach her about it, which led to me misunderstanding some of her actions and making the problem worse. If you...

Restaurant review: The Apartment Bistro

Perched on the western edge of the Bruntsfield Links, ‘The Apartment’ is a charming independent bistro, offering an intimate dining experience and appealing menu to suit all occasions and budgets.   The restaurant balances an elegant, yet...

Explore Edinburgh – Stockbridge

As the university workload becomes overwhelming and looming deadlines threaten our sanity, we often feel the need to escape. Luckily for us, Edinburgh boasts a variety of local getaways with loads to explore. The Stockbridge suburb of Edinburgh is...

Exploring everyday self care

In popular culture, self-care has come to mean many different things. Some see it as a trend, a meme or just a questionable excuse to indulge. Buying that cute top you can’t really afford or watching just one more episode of Peep Show before you...

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