Surviving Christmas exams

The dreaded exam season is approaching. As the caffeine addiction starts again and the library is full 24/7, you begin to question why it was you continued with further education. Stress is looming and I am here to offer some advice. BBC One’s...

How to defeat the distractions of the digital world

Today’s society is in constant turmoil over the impact of digital devices, social media and our often excessive use of them. Their use is unparalleled; they allow instant communication and new forms of creativity as well as constant entertainment....

Advice on supporting friends with mental ill health

This past month, I failed to recognise my friend’s mental health issues. Even though I knew she was suffering, I did not know how to approach her about it, which led to me misunderstanding some of her actions and making the problem worse. If you...

Exploring everyday self care

In popular culture, self-care has come to mean many different things. Some see it as a trend, a meme or just a questionable excuse to indulge. Buying that cute top you can’t really afford or watching just one more episode of Peep Show before you...

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