No ‘Revival’ for Eminem with ninth album

0.5/5 stars Previously on Eminem’s road to sobriety we got Marshall Mathers LP II. After a triplet of bad to mediocre albums, fans were finally bestowed with a good Eminem album. During Eminem’s hiatus from music, the Detroit hip-hop scene...

This strange new Pop 2 with Charlie XCX

Rating: 4/5 In an energetic follow-up to her Number 1 Angel mixtape, Charli XCX teams 80s synth-pop influences with some of the biggest, and most outlandish names in rap and pop. While Pop 2 struggled in the English charts, it has been praised as...

Saturation III, Brockhampton

Rating: 4/5 Relevancy is a concept that many artists must grapple with early in their careers. Brockhampton’s aptly titled ‘Saturation’ series was an attempt to take this challenge head on by saturating the industry with their music....

POST- worrying with Jeff Rosenstock

Rating: 4/5 It would be difficult to argue that the 2010s have been, as yet, a strong decade for punk music; it’s lacked quality, quantity and the raw vitriolic energy we were so generously doused with in during the 70s, 80s and even 90s....

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