Live review: Alex Cameron at Mono, Glasgow

2nd December Alex Cameron has been steadily building a profile for himself in the UK and US alike since the release of his frankly brilliant sophomore album Forced Witness back in September. He’s not headlining academies yet and he’s still...

Preview: Boris at Saint Luke’s, Glasgow

Boris will be playing St Luke’s and the Winged Ox in Glasgow on Monday 19 February as part of their 25th Anniversary tour. A band that is fortunate enough to boast both quality and quantity, the show marks the release of their 23rd studio album,...

The Ninth Wave rocks the boat at the Mash House

26th October @ The Mash House, Edinburgh A stylish post-punk four-piece writing songs about introspection is not a new concept, particularly in the Glasgow music scene, but The Ninth Wave have managed to rise above the usual crop. The release of...

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