Karma for Vandals and a Wealth of Demos

Rating: 5/5 From day one of my awareness of the inclusive music project, Karma For Vandals, orchestrated by Scott Bathgate and Duncan Burgess, I’ve been a fan. This is not only for their being kind enough to include me in its early days but more...

SMS 1.2 – Sugah Daddy

This playlist will take you from D’Angelo’s 2014 Black Messiah, through smooth RnB history to 1995 and D’Angelo’s first album, Brown Sugar. Essays are tough, let D and friends break it down for you in the sexiest of ways.    

SMS 1.1 – Toast

Welcome to the new Student Mixtapes Series, curated by the writers and editors of the Music Section. Here’s how it works: every week, someone (it could literally (literally) be anyone) will use their own personal alchemy to conjure up a...

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