New Sounds

No ‘Revival’ for Eminem with ninth album

0.5/5 stars Previously on Eminem’s road to sobriety we got Marshall Mathers LP II. After a triplet of bad to mediocre albums, fans were finally bestowed with a good Eminem album. During Eminem’s hiatus from music, the Detroit hip-hop scene...

Elbow’s take on ‘Golden Slumbers’

Rating: 3/5 By using Elbow’s cover of ‘Golden Slumbers’ in their annual saccharine injected Christmas ad, the advertising team at John Lewis have ensured that, unless you happen to be one of the more obscure species of freshwater crustacean,...

Horsey – A Wicked Midnight Snack

Don’t paint them in pantomime, for behind Horsey’s zippy jackets and the salacious lights of their shows lies their wizardry. Like the hidden bauble round the back of the Christmas tree, Horsey lies in wait for anyone willing to delve into their...

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