EUSA Elections 2015

EUSA by-election results announced

This story is still in development. Keep checking this page for further updates.   Edinburgh University Students’ Association (EUSA) has announced the results of their 2015 by-election at an event held in Teviot’s debating hall. The...

Urte Macikenaite wins VPS election with 1020 votes

Urte Macikenaite has won the election for Vice President of Services (VPS) of Edinburgh University Students Association (EUSA) with 54.55% of the vote. Macikenaite won in the first round of voting with 1020 votes. In her victory speech Macikenaite...

Imogen Wilson wins VPAA election with 1157 votes

Imogen Wilson has won the election for Vice President of Academic Affairs (VPAA) for Edinburgh University Students Election (EUSA). Wilson won in the fourth round of votes with 1157 votes. Speaking after her victory, Wilson said: “I’m...

The Student Newspaper 2016

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