Bilingualism: a new magic bullet?

Dr Thomas Bak is a reader at the University of Edinburgh School of Philosophy, Psychology and Languages Sciences. He is an expert in cognitive neuroscience, particularly in relation to language and cognition. On 7 December 2017, he discussed the...

What would an end to net neutrality look like?

Net neutrality has been a prominent topic as of late, with a variety of news outlets running articles on the situation. There have been several petitions made in an attempt to convince the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) not to repeal the...

Should minimum calorie pricing be considered?

Following the announcement on Wednesday 15 November that the UK Supreme Court is backing the plans for the Scottish government to introduce minimum unit pricing on alcohol, should similar measures be considered for calorie consumption? The Scottish...

Where is the ‘W’ in STEM?

It’s 1995. Six years after the fall of communism in Poland, my mum is starting university at the Warsaw University of Technology. She is one of five women in a class of approximately one hundred, a sadly typical reality for women pursuing degrees...

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