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Editorial Staff


Editors in Chief  Ellen Blunsdon and Katy Minko

60 Pleasance, Edinburgh, EH8 9TJ


News Noa Hoffman, Mei Futonaka, Hajira Kamran


Comment Rosie Hilton, Silas Lehane, Megan Kenyon


Features Laurie Presswood, Laura Wise


Lifestyle Katharine Cook, Emily Couchlin


Science & Technology Duncan Brown, Karolina Zieba


Culture Rebecca Heap, Immie Rosie-Wilkinson, Maisy Hallam


Music Ruth Murphy, Angus Barrett


Film Theo Rollason, Imogen Herd


TV & Radio James Hanton, Hannah Wallis


Sport Sebastian Jedrzejewski, Harry Vavasour


Head of Illustration Josh Green


Photo Editor Sara Konradi


Copy Editor Sophie Beardsworth


Web Editor Christopher Lightfoot




President Polly Smythe


Secretary Niamh Anderson


Treasurer Saskia Peach


Head of Advertising Matt Ford


Head of Distribution Emily Hall


Social Secretaries Laura Allison, Laurie Presswood, Anna Whealing


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