Solutions to Crossword No 114 (plus Canty and Couthie)



CANTY and COUTHIE   Solutions

Sting and Ling

c) By force         (literally : Strung from a pole)

Sting : a rod   Ling : a rope or thread

Perhaps the Scots equivalent of hog-tied


b) A sour, sulky wretch

the priest was an interfering auld ruddoch

c) Robin redbreast

The mavis liltit frae the thorn,           (mavis : the song thrush)

The ruddoch doon the brae.


b) Linen cloth with patterns


a) A mischievous child

c) A hedgehog

Both meanings are as for urchin in English.



Solutions for Dual Crossword No 114

* = anagram of the preceding material

(rev) = reverse the preceding material



1   PLEB       Contained     peo ple b elowstairs     & lit

.      & lit : the whole clue acts as the Definition

4   BUCKSHEE       Bucks (Buckinghamshire, English county) + hee [L] (scoundrel)      L = lake

8   NARCOTIC       O (ring)  in  N (Northern) + Arctic (polar region)

9   URGE       Contained     s urge on

10   THREE-DECKER       2 Definitions         three-decker : a large wooden ship-of-the-line (battleship)

12   SPLIFF       spli [T] (crack, shortly)  in front of  ff (very loud, fortissimo)

14   RUDDER       (dude)* in RR (Rolls-Royce)

16   MONTY PYTHON       (not my)* + python (Serpent)     blasted :  Anagram indicator

19   SKIP       2 Definitions

20   SHIPMATE       (HMS Pieta)*

21   INFLATED       (Flat Enid)*

22   YODA       ay (always) round do (party)  (all reversed it is)

.      I’m not a great fan of Star Wars, which is mostly (but not entirely) clever exploitation.


2   LEAST       let (permitted)  round  As (Arsenic, chemical symbol)

.     I’d welcome solvers’ views as to whether it’s fair to use circulate to mean go round in this context

3   BACARDI       bad 1 (evil one) round car

4   BUTTERFLY       flutterby : Spoonerism for butterfly

.      William Archibald Spooner, former Warden of New College Oxford, famous for inadvertently

.      transposing the initial letters of adjacent words.   kinkering Congs for conquering Kings was one

.      that he himself admitted to, but many (including A sale of two titties for A Tale of two Cities) are

.      almost certainly apocryphal.  Quite often used as a ploy in crosswords.

5   CFC       C, F, C  (first letters of Chelsea Football Club)

.      This clue was compiled shortly after Mourinho was sacked by Chelsea.  My gut feeling, which may

.      be wildly wrong, is that he wanted out and forced the club’s hand. By the time the puzzle appears

.      we may know (but not care that much) more.

6   SKULK       K (King) in sulk (mood)  (Mourinho? Abramovich?)

7   EN GARDE       (gardene [R] )*

11   EARLY BIRD       2 Definitions

13   PUMPKIN       pump (interrogate) + kin (family)

.      Concise Clue : Halloween, originally a pagan Celtic festival (Samhain), was hijacked by the early

.      Christian church (just like Yule and Easter).  The use of a hollowed out pumpkin to create a mask

.      is entirely American, as is the commercially inspired Trick or treat.  In Ireland a hollow turnip is used

.      and they played duck-apple and bob-apple, which I remember as a child.

15   DAHOMEY       home (where the heart is) surrounded by day (light)

.      cf   catchphrase : home is where the heart is.   Conrad’s Heart of Darkness is not involved.

.      Modern Benin, formerly the French colony of Dahomey, then the independent Republic of Dahomey,

.      still has a (ceremonial) King of Dahomey.  At one time it was the epicentre of the West African slave trade.

.      At that time the King’s bodyguard was a regiment of women known as the Dahomey Amazons.

17   NEPAL       NE (North East) + pal (China)

.      Cockney Rhyming slang   My old china (plate) : my old mate (my old pal)

18   NOTED       No Ted    Definition with Cryptic addition

20   SAT       2 Definitions     Sat = Saturday

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