UCU industrial action – what can students do to help striking staff?

Throughout the majority of the University of Edinburgh’s student body, there seems to be a clear and collective will to support and assist staff members through the upcoming weeks of striking. Today a meeting was held by staff members of the ECA, with Edinburgh University Students’ Association representative Kai O’ Doherty and other students present, in order to develop links with this student body ahead of the action taking place.

The meeting shed light on a number of actions students can take in order to support striking staff members, and The Student have compiled a list of what you can do to help your lecturers

1.Get Informed

Aside from publishing a message from the principal, the University of Edinburgh has yet to release a full guide to the strikes. However, the Students’ Association have put together a comprehensive list of information explaining what the strikes will involve, how it will affect students, and what you should do if you want to support staff.


The UCU website is also a great resource for up to date news and explanations of why the strike is taking place. Here’s the link below:


2. Write letters and emails to university management (updated 15/02/18)

One of the most helpful things you can do is to write to the principal about why action should be taken to end the strikes with a fair solution for staff members. If you are unsure what to write, templates can be found on this Facebook event:


You can even try tweeting the university – the more public, the more effective.

3. Join a picket line or support those who do

The dates, times and locations of picketing during the strikes have yet to be confirmed (this article will be updated accordingly), but staff and UCU encourage students to join in with the protests.

If you can’t join in, express your solidarity with staff by not crossing picket lines during the strikes, even if your tutorials or lectures are still going ahead. This also means avoiding use of the library and other university buildings during the strike days. It is your choice whether you attend university – you will not be stopped from entering any buildings, but doing so may indicate that you do not support staff action.

4. Attend rallies (updated 15/02/18)

There is a rally taking place on Monday 26th February from 12-1 in Bristo Square, which students are encouraged to attend. Join the Facebook event for this for updates:


(updated 21/02/18)

This article will be updated as we gain more information about picketing, rallies, dates and times, so check back here throughout the strike to see what you can do.




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