Weezer – Back to the Shack

Taken from their ninth album, Weezer’s new track ‘Back To The Shack’ truly proves that Weezer are back on top form after their little experimental era that occurred a few years ago. However, we can just kind of pretend that didn’t happen now.

The song commences with a jerky guitar riff so thick it only just manages to squeeze out of your headphones, accompanied by some fiddly lead guitar that makes Back To The Shack unfamiliarly guitar-orientated. However, the lyrical quirkiness that makes Weezer so unusually charming is not lost, sounding typically unique, making you stop, listen and ponder in a way that only Weezer can manage.

The main achievement truly is the thing that Weezer does best – balancing an anthemic, brutal sound (think ‘Hash Pipe’) with quirky lyrical genius (think ‘Say It Ain’t So’) – and that’s something Weezer haven’t given us in a while.

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