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Editors' Picks: TV to Bond Over in Freshers Week

Tuesday 13th September 2016 15.18

The Documentary: Louis Theroux’s My Scientology Movie is coming out soon, and you need to be up to date on everything he’s ever done before then. Netflix has so many Louis episodes, you’ll soon be hungover, watching him wear a turtleneck to a swingers party, and pretending you have no deadlines.

The Period Drama: The second season of Poldark recently returned, and what else would you make friends over except Aidan Turner?

The Competition: Great British Bake Off, and need I say more. Everyone gets behind someone (Selasi Selasi Selasi) and you become so invested that your Wednesday evenings revolves around it - predrink during Bake Off, if necessary, because if you miss it you might read a spoiler online.

The Fear Factor: Hiding under a duvet together, or bravely clutching each other and forcing yourselves to look at the screen, is (probably) scientifically proven to help you connect with someone. American Horror Story season 6, anyone?

Image: Paul Townsend on Flickr